Party Plan by The Candle Shack

Party Plan

The amazing fragrances of The Candle Shack, great friends, a lighthearted, warm ambience, drinks, nibblies….All that’s missing is YOU!

party plan girls night in


Sound like something you’d like to be a part of? Get in touch with The Candle Shack!

Not only will you have access to Candle Shack fragrances that are exclusive to party plan, as a host/ess you are also eligible for 10% of the party sales to spend on Candle Shack products.*

If your guests decide to have a party of their own, you can choose between

1x half price item from The Candle Shack**


$10 of Candle Shack credit for every party booked!**

*Minimum party sales of $250 required to qualify for thank you gift and 10% of party sales spend offers
**Party bookings must be booked and held within 6 weeks to qualify for reward

PPAAAAARRRTY with The Candle Shack!!The Candle Shack Opportunity