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Customers have asked if we are able to have downloadable data on our website. This is the start of a range of Candle Shack downloadable resources! We have three of our most requested pieces of information available right here to download! If you think another document should be available from here, let us know!

Melts ID card and Instructions This pdf has a visual colour to fragrance matching chart to help work out which fragrance is which! Don’t worry if you can’t remember what the fragrance was.If you have the colour, your melt fragrance can be narrowed down pretty quickly! We also have instructions for using the melts if you aren’t familiar with them.

Fragrance List Our list of current fragrances available from the stalls at shopping centres. Afrika through to “X”, Baby Powder to Wild Angel. This list is not comprehensive, we have LOTS more. If you don’t see the fragrance you are chasing, just ask, we may have it in our fragrance stronghold! 😀

Candle Shack Party Catalogue The Candle Shack’s latest catalogue! Want to show friends the types of products that we have, this is one of the fastest ways to do it! We have photos of each type of candle. We’ve also placed them into fragrance groups to make finding them easier! Download it, print it, share it, mark it, remember which ones you like! Then do your nose a favour at our parties or at our shopping centre stalls.

These downloads are all in pdf format. These files are small, quick to download and will open in most environments.

Our downloads page is always being updated. Make sure you check back here regularly for our latest downloadable documents.

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