Fundraising Idea

Fundraising with The Candle Shack!!


We have had many people ask about fundraising using our local, handmade products. After all, it makes sense! Our business and products are locally hand made, and not only are you promoting a local business, but you’re raising money for your cause at the same time!

fundraising berry delight

  • We do our fundraising as a WA based platform. This takes out the postage costs of a product that can become exceptionally heavy. We deliver the product ourselves, taking out the breakage factor as well. This makes the product a lot more fundraiser friendly.
  • We’ve found our fundraisers are most effective for Mother’s Day and Christmas. But you are more than welcome to implement our fundraiser any time you choose!
  • We’ll shortlist 6 or so fragrances with organisers and work out which sizes best fit the target group.
  • We have three sizes, small $15 (150g, min 25 hours burn time), Medium $20 (225g, min 35 hours burn time) and Large $30 (500g, min 80 hours burn time).
  • These jars would normally be a 7-10 day turnaround.
  • And the most important part of all, you, the fundraiser get half of the sales to put towards your cause, that’s right $7.50 for every small, $10 for every medium, and $15 for each large jar!!


Go on!! Do everybody’s nose a favour!!

Contact Us on our form and ask about FUNDRAISING!

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